The Ravenwoods: Blow Me Away

The Ravenwoods is the solo project of Dan Fisher, who’s been working on this for six months. He says – ‘I was quite prolific in that time; I now have 8-9 new songs written and recorded.  The project is a sweeping mix of dark romanticism that is tempered by fragile melodies and lush, cinematic orchestration. ‘

‘I find making music therapeutic as I often have weird and dark ideas that constantly circle in my brain. The Ravenwoods gives me the chance to make them real. I play and produce everything myself which gives me the creative freedom to experiment with strings and synths, as well as traditional instruments.’

‘My aims for 2020 are modest; i’d like to release all my current tracks as singles (one each month up until the spring); I would like to find some other musicians and play my first gig; and I’d also like to release my first EP. ‘