Ross John Martin: Learning To Live Without You

Ross John Martin was born a few years ago in a quiet part of the world near Cambridge in England. As a teenager he battled with an illness called M.E which left him temporary in a wheelchair. Whilst growing up with the illness he found refuge in a love for the guitar and appreciation for 60s bands such as The Beatles and The Grateful Dead before discovering folk talents such as Nick Drake and John Martyn and those influences show in his music.

He went to music college in Cambridge and formed bands which played around the country. He then went solo to concentrate on more acoustic and mellow sound which Ross practised playing gigs and open mic nights around London. His style of playing of guitar playing is highly individualistic and creative, his voice soft and pure enough to melt an ice maidens heart while his songwriting style is mature and as satisfying as a cool lemonade on a hot summers day.