MidLifeMix: Joyride

MidLifeMix is what happens when Garageband ends up in a 54 year old’s lap during lockdown!

MidLifeMix is Hertfordshire based Helen Meissner.

Stacy Hart from Runnin With My Rhythm blog said ”With impressive opening number “Joyride” it does exactly what it says in the title and takes you on a meandering musical journey, one minute I felt like a kid aboard a rollercoaster, hands up in air, the next, with hands remaining skyward I was transported to the back of a limousine, head sticking out the sunroof and the wind in my hair as I enjoyed this fun magical mystery ride.¬†And that’s exactly it, to be blasted out at max volume as you leave on a roadtrip, the police can’t touch you! wind in your hair, not a care in the world. Just pure exhilaration and freedom’