Lucid: Casanova

Lucid is a four piece indie rock band – turning stories into songs and using their frustration with politics and life events to shape their sound, the up tempo music isn’t restricted by traditional genre. Inspired by a variety of genres, from indie and alternative to funk and britpop they strive to incorporate multiple harmonies and guitar with intricate yet driving bass lines and drum patterns to create an indie sound that hasn’t been heard before.

Formed in 2015 by core members, Shannon O’Shea and Molly Clark, Lucid has seen numerous line up changes, with the latest formation introducing old school friend, Toby Maiden and work colleague, Fin Rimmer to the band. In the past Lucid have played gigs around Sheffield, London and Cambridgeshire, and are looking for more gig opportunities to promote their latest releases and new, unrecorded music.