Connor Adams: Devil of the Night

“Devil of the Night” is the guilty pleasure that allures you into the dark depths of temptation. A classic rock stomper that instantaneously draws you in with infectious guitar hooks, tongue in cheek lyrics and roaring vocals.

It is obvious to see with Connor’s past two releases this year “Deeper” and “Don’t Play with a Heart” the full band sound is largely what separates the Singer-Songwriter from his debut EP ‘Open My Eyes’.

“Ever since putting a band around me I’ve felt the power of creating anthemic rock songs, Devil of the Night is what turned a dream into a reality. The first song written with an electric guitar in my hand”.

Recorded with top producer Tom Peters, Connor and his live band started recording in August of 2019. Pushing the boundaries with whacky guitar sounds and Beatles-esque harmonies, it’s clear to the ear how much fun was had whilst creating “Devil of the Night”.